The Weight Of Chains

The Weight Of Chains
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Organic Round Neck T-Shirt
Medium Fit

Single Jersey
100% Organic ring-spun Combed
Cotton 155 gsm

Organic certified by CU819434


CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES Fair Wear Foundation Global Organic Textile Standard

* Pflichtfelder

89,00 €
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  • Usually, the place where I live at any given moment, with its daily routines, decides on the choice of my subject matter. As a rule, I am interested in the objects of everyday life, which appear to be surprisingly uniform wherever you go.
  • I never recycle real objects in a manner of an assemblage, but rather present my own associative, monumentalized interpretation of their form. My objects are reduced to a gallery format, but I see them as large-scale urban sculptures evocative of common human activities.
  • My last exhibition, entitled The Weight of Chains, featured several recognizable objects made of welded metal chains, including: a book, a pitcher, an amphora, and a lady’s purse – all easily relatable to ordinary life situations.
  • The title referred to the production procedure – which in fact eliminated the weight from the chains. However, both the non-functional character of the objects and the 'power of naming' lured the observers into assigning individually framed, broader implications to the exhibited material.
  • My T-shirt carries the project’s key item, named the Glass Chain.  It is actually a geometricized fragment of my primary medium – chain.  While other pieces are all darkened, I gave this one a distinctly radiant surface.
  • The appeal of its abstract form, its glow, and its title – the Glass Chain, borrowed from the famous utopian correspondence – make point of the awareness of human condition, which I would like to communicate with this piece of wearable art.
Künstler Djordje Aralica

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