run to victory 1

run to victory 1
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Organic Round Neck T-Shirt
Medium Fit

Single Jersey
100% Organic ring-spun Combed
Cotton 155 gsm

Organic certified by CU819434


CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES Fair Wear Foundation Global Organic Textile Standard

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89,00 €
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  • Shih Li-Jen was born in Changhua County, Taiwan, 1955, a celebrated art curator and art manager in China and Taiwan.
  • In 2004 and 2006, Mr. Shih won major awards of the "Art and Business Award" from the Council for Culture Affairs, Taiwan. As the years working with international master artists such as César, F. Arman, P. Hiquily … etc., that arouses his creativity. Therefore it cultivated his inspiration among paintings and sculptures.
  • He started took apart in creating art work and enjoying it. Since he was young, not only practice writing calligraphy but also going outdoor sketching with artists had become a part of his leisure activity. In the art gallery, a small studio became a place he can freely travel in his imagination on canvas.
  • His scratch art naturally shows lines and structure of naked female or leopard, revealing Mr. Shih’s yearning for nature and leads the audience into fairyland. 
  • From 2003, expect for paintings, Mr. Shih started creating sculptures, but started to publish series of bronze art works until 2007, for example, “Naked Female”, “Leopard series”, “Flocks of Sparrow ”, “The Formosan Mountain Dog”.
  • Mr. Shih’s creation from “Rhino Family series” till “King Kong Rhino series” and other three dimensional sculpture works, still develop in horizontal and vertical section in depth. Recently, Mr. Shih with “King Kong Rhino” as his representative.
  • “King Kong Rhino” was invited to be the annual theme sculpture in Shanghai Art Fair in 2011 and was collected by Kelti International Co. in Xinyi Distract, Taipei and now was placed in the headquarter plaza of Kelti International Co.
  • “King Kong Rhino” uses the contemporary language to reveal the ancient traditional subject. The shape contains the rare thoughts of futurism and postmodernism, through the process of being manipulated, written and symbolized in three methods like “Metal Revit”, “Hard sided structure” and “ancient armor” to renew the unique style, think and affects towards nowadays issue and conservatively relate to the eastern core thoughts of knowledge.

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