Joseph Tasnadi

A work of art emerges out of the encounter between the concrete and the ideal self. It fills the void between me and myself. It is the always changing compound of reality, dreams, desires and memory.

Art is not adequacy, but a challenge. It is a self-provocation. a work of art is an identity-expanding formation. it is an identity-prosthesis, which has a meaning, not a message. if a genuine message truly exists, that can only be the creative attitude itself.

What is necessary for beauty? the wonder of the time previous being born, and the memory of being expelled from pre-life to life. the work of art is a concrete account of the expulsion; it is the media of expulsion.

My works communicate the impossibility of communication. my stories conceal themselves. they always emerge as a secret from non-knowing - from a feeling-, to then transform themselves into a blueprint, which in turn carries the hope of knowing.